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As the industry regulations have matured, the level of scrutiny in Cold Chain compliance has increased resulting in companies committing more time and resource to temperature monitoring in the supply chain.

Biomap has developed a specialist portfolio of temperature monitoring products to support the demands of regulatory compliance in the Life Science industry.

With carefully chosen partners with an excellent reputation in product and service quality Biomap can offer a range of technologies and products to support the most basic information requirement through to detailed audit trails of temperature data, all required to aid in the decision making process of product acceptance.


Biomap offers the Escort range of electronic temperature data loggers, an extensive range of options for monitoring both temperature and humidity.

Intelligent MINI is Escorts entry level electronic temperature data logger, available in both Single and Multiple Use options, offering +/- 0.5°C accuracy and 0.5°C resolution. The Intelligent MINI is a great option for the minimum requirement where recording of electronic data is needed for interrogation for product acceptance.

The iMiniPlus platform of electronic temperature data loggers offers a range of devices for various temperature ranges and solutions boasting some of the best in class accuracy and resolution figures. All loggers are available in Single and Multiple Use options:

iMiniPlus: Accuracy +/- 0.3°C (-10°C to +70°C) and +/- 0.5°C (-40°C to -10°C) with 0.1°C resolution. Suitable for most monitoring solutions including in-transit and also for qualification use such as temperature mapping and shipping studies. Downloaded and programmed via the Escort Console PRO software.

iMiniPlus PDF: Same technical specifications as the standard iMiniPlus but can download automatically when connected to a PC without the need for the Escort Console PRO software. The logger is connected via a USB cable (supplied with each logger) and instantly creates a full PDF report including summaries, graphs and tabular data. Further interrogation can be carried out via the Escort Console PRO software if required.

iMiniPlus Dry Ice: Accuracy +/- 0.7°C (-80°C to -10°C), +/- 1.0°C (-100°C to -80°C), +/- 0.6°C (-10°C to +40°C) with 0.1°C resolution. Designed specifically to monitor products that are shipped using dry ice. Downloaded and programmed via the Escort Console PRO software.

The above loggers are the most commonly used loggers for in-transit and mapping solutions but probed and humidity devices are also available. Please
contact us for further information.


Electronic temperature indicators bridge the gap between using chemical temperature indicator labels and electronic temperature data loggers.  The devices offer traceable accuracy with a simple to read LCD screen display providing instant access to required data for product acceptance or rejection and can travel with a simple instruction label.
These compact, single-use devices are small enough to be attached directly to the product or packaging and provide irreversible evidence of any temperature deviations during the shipment.  See


Chemical temperature indicators provide a non-reversible record of temperature exposure that is accurate and easy to interpret.  Commonly used on larger qty slightly less critical products such as consumer healthcare products, chemical temperature indicators provide a visual confirmation of a certain limit being breached.  For example if the air temperature has gone below 0°C.

The indicators are available in a range of Time/Temperature options and are provided as self adhesive labels that can be attached directly to product packaging:

Cold Mark Temperature Indicator: Available in two temperature levels -3°C & 0°C

3M Freeze Watch Temperature Indicator: Available in 0°C

3M MonitorMark Temperature Indicator: Available in range of time and temperature options


Mechanical strip chart recorders have been widely used for a number years to monitor conditions of products during transit.  A basic but reliable technology allows for a permanent strip chart record to be immediately available upon receipt for instant access to the trip conditions.  Biomap supplies the Delta TRAK and
Bioconservacion strip chart recorders as reliable and widely used products.  Available in 5 to 90 day recording options.


For continuous monitoring solutions for storage conditions, Biomap supplies the
Hanwell wireless monitoring system.

The Hanwell system consists of a range of different wireless loggers (transmitters) to accommodate almost all requirements for the monitoring of temperature, humidity and pressure. In addition, flood detection and energy use solutions are also available.

Typical installations include but are not limited to Warehouses, Cold Stores and Labs consisting of Fridges, Freezers, Incubators & Stability Chambers as well as Cryogenic monitoring down to -200°C

Each system has the option of full validation to support 21 CFR Part11 requirements.

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