What we do

Biomap is a leading provider of temperature monitoring solutions, working exclusively in the Life Sciences industry. We measure, record and manage data, creating a personalized service, specifically designed to fit with industry regulation.

We are specialists in Temperature Mapping and have 16 years experience working with the World’s largest Pharmaceutical Companies, in a number of different sectors within the Life Sciences industry, from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Distribution, Wholesalers, Clinical Trials Supplies, Blood Storage and various Hospital & Laboratory environments.

Who we work with

  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Logistics Companies
  • R&D


We offer a range of services to help you meet regulatory standards.
  • Temperature Mapping

    A complete mapping service, we will qualify temperature and humidity in multiple storage environments to ensure you meet regulations when it comes to temperature-sensitive medicinal products.

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  • Packaging Qualification

    With the increasing number of temperature sensitive products on the market, companies are regularly reviewing their shipping and packaging methods. We offer a comprehensive Packaging Qualification service, throughout the seasons, to support you with these demands.

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  • Calibration

    A traceable calibration service suitable for a number of applications specifically designed to meet UKAS, DANAK or NIST standards.

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  • Shipping Studies

    We can help qualify the potential temperature risks your assets are exposed to during transit.

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Our industry presents a lot of regulations & guidelines around the requirements of temperature control & monitoring, it outlines what has to be done but not how it’s achieved; Biomap helps you take the guess work out of what’s required.

— Kane Edgeworth, Director


With carefully chosen partners and an excellent reputation in product and service quality, Biomap can offer a range of technologies and products to support your business.
  • Continuous Monitoring Systems

    We work exclusively with IMC group, to provide the best continuous monitoring systems from Hanwell, Notion Pro & Notion Lite.

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  • Data Loggers

    As a UK partner of Cryopak, we are proud to offer the Escort group of electronic temperature data loggers, an extensive range of options for monitoring both temperature and humidity.

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  • Vehicle Monitoring Systems

    As a partner of Seven Telematics, we are pleased to offer the Transcan Advance Vehicle Montioring System, a real-time remote temperature monitoring solution, allowing you to keep track of your critical cargo from A to B.

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  • Labcold Fridges

    As a partner of Labcold, we provide a range of Fridges for Laboratory and Pharmaceutical environments that comply with Public Health England and the Department of Health regulations.

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