Hanwell SR2 Receiver

The SR2 is Hanwells network enabled smart receiver and can receive data from over 250 transmitters with on board 512kb memory. It is designed for collecting environmental monitoring data from multiple points within a site, or across multiple sites. In addition, it can be upgraded to a transceiver which both receives and retransmits the data. It uses standard TCP/IP communications protocols for speedy data handling. The network traffic generated is very low and data is automatically sorted and filed.

Product codes:
RX-434.075 (Receiver)

Dimensions 300 x 200 x 85 mm
Weight 1.2kg
Power Supply 10V AC or 240V AC. On-board 12V
battery back-up supplying 2.3A/hr
Case Material(s) Powder coated mild steel
Operating Humidity Range 0-100% non condensing
Operating Temperature range 5°C - 40°C
(Temperature compensated range)
Alarm Outputs 1 x nominal 12V, 2 x changeover
relays (energised when no alarms exist)
MSBUS 4 core signal cable
Accessories RX-xx - Remote receiver – please specify the frequency required

Y306-05-03 - Thermistor probe on 5m cable with bare ends suitable for wiring into the sr-2’s on-board probe inputs

Y404-05-03 - Humidity probe on 5m cable with bare ends, as above

Y405-05-03 - Combined thermistor & RH probe on 5m cable with bare ends, as above

ABR12/24 - Alarm beacon, red strobe, 12/24V with bracket and 2m cable

SR2-E-7.0-UPS - 7.0Ah external wall mounted UPS

SR2-E-15-UPS - 15Ah external wall mounted UPS